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For Early Education Professionals

Early childhood education is far more than a job, it’s a career path. Indiana needs a skilled workforce to develop the next generation. By continuing your education, you will not only shape children’s school readiness and social and emotional development, you will pursue a rewarding career with advancement opportunities.

Why advance your career in early childhood education?
Job growth in Indiana

Indiana’s early education workforce is projected to increase by 232% between 2015 and 2020, with a projected 2,571 to 2,792 additional early care and education workers needed. Additionally, the Early Learning Advisory Committee’s most recent report estimates a projected demand of 9,078 additional professionals in the early care and education workforce by 2024.

Career advancement and higher compensation

Many options exist for early childhood professionals with advanced education, including: lead teacher, master teacher, directors, quality coaches, and more. Typically, those positions carry increasing responsibility and challenges, as well as higher compensation.

Better outcomes for children

Continuing education will enable you to develop your teaching skills and in turn help children in your care develop stronger social and emotional skills that will impact their professional and academic success in life.

Learn more about your career advancement opportunities today!

Get Ready for your next step today.

Flexible and affordable options for continuing education are available, with financial aid possibilities and both traditional and online programs throughout Indiana. Interested in discovering the next step in your education? To consider your next step, call 317-636-9197 ext 288 or email Beth Riedeman at bethr@earlylearningindiana.org.

To learn more right now, read our early ed continuing education FAQs.

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