High-quality programs – and the children and families they serve – depend on prepared, supported and consistent teachers. Meaningful professional development, from valuable trainings to credentials and degrees, can empower teachers and advance learning among children. Enhancing the skills of early childhood educators and compensating them at higher rates leads to a more professional workforce and better outcomes for early learners.

We know that:
  • An estimated 16,150 Hoosiers are employed in early childhood care and education as teachers, directors and family care workers.
  • Only 14% of teachers have a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or child development.
  • In 2013, Indiana’s higher education institutions awarded 110 Bachelor degrees in early childhood education or child development and 291 Associate degrees – not enough to keep up with the demand of Indiana’s diverse programs.
We believe that:
  • Teachers and families are the most important adults in the lives of young children.
  • The people who teach young children face too many barriers to advancement.
  • Raising the educational level of our profession will lead to increased professionalism, quality and opportunities for higher compensation – and most importantly for greater educational outcomes for children.