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Taking Steps to Healthy Success

Helping our children grow up healthy – and ready to learn

You’re invited to join us in helping children succeed! Together we can help our children reach their potential by sharing ways to eat healthier, move more, and grow up healthy and ready to learn.

Join the upcoming cohort of Taking Steps to Healthy Success: Early Care and Education Learning Collaborative, a project that can strengthen your efforts to prevent childhood obesity. The 2018-2019 cohort will begin soon! Participation is open to providers in Marion County. All participating programs will receive a cash incentive upon completing the requirements.

All participants will attend one full-day learning session and four additional half-day learning sessions. Six on-site technical assistance visits and printed resources to support learning around child health and obesity prevention will also be provided. All participating programs will complete the Let’s Move Child Care Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessments at the beginning and end of the project.

Programs chosen to participate will identify a leadership team consisting of three staff members representing different areas of the program. These staff members will have opportunities to learn, use new tools, share experiences and build a wider network of support. Participants will also commit to sharing information and ideas with staff through training between learning sessions.

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I Have a Question About Taking Steps to Healthy Success:


Funding for this project was made possible by Anthem and Jump IN. 

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