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Quality Improvement

Raising the Path

Refining Indiana’s quality rating system & powering up our quality coaching workforce

Partnerships for Early Learners hosts a fellow who combines academic research with practical experience to refine Indiana’s Paths to QUALITY™ rating and improvement system. Working in tandem with both Indiana’s Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning and early education professionals, our fellow focuses on the continuous improvement of this key piece of infrastructure.

One key outcome of this fellowship is a series of briefs exploring quality rating and improvement systems, Quality Rating and Improvement Systems Deconstructed. The series has been developed through funding from the Lilly Endowment and examines the similarities and differences of various aspects of QRIS programs from across the country.

In addition to this fellow, we are investing in a coaching surge across the state, designed to serve more programs and support local child care resource and referral agencies in adding more quality options for families. These new quality coaches will guide programs as they reach higher levels of quality and focus on the meaningful interactions that spark early learning.


Recent News

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