Partnerships for Early Learners is rooted in a commitment to quality. High-quality programs offer our state’s youngest learners the chance to grow, learn and flourish during critical developmental years. Our quality improvement strategies reflect both an imperative need to expand effective educational offerings and a dedication to building a shared focus on continuous improvement.

2020 Goal: Improve the quality of 500 early childhood programs in Indiana.

We know that:
  • Today, there are just over 2,500 early childhood programs on Indiana’s Paths to QUALITY™ system, with just under 1000 at Level 3 or 4.
  • 29% of publicly supported child care vouchers are used in non-Paths to QUALITY™ settings.
  • Less than one third of those vouchers are used in programs at Level 3 or 4 – the highest quality settings.
We believe that:
  • Paths to QUALITY™ offers Indiana a unique infrastructure that supports early learners and their families and provides an essential foundation to expand quality for more Hoosiers.
  • Quality is about more than advancing programs on a quality rating system. We must create a culture that places quality at the core of the beliefs and attitudes of families, teachers, programs and other stakeholders.