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Indiana is poised for an expansion of high-quality pre-K.  We have a solid foundation to build upon, with two different pilot efforts — EEMG and On My Way Pre-K — as well as numerous other locally-driven efforts including Indy PSP, Title I-funded efforts and more.  And we have supportive infrastructure in the form of Paths to QUALITY™, the Foundations and other inputs.

Recent News

Early Learning in the News: February 1, 2021

Check out some of the latest news in the early learning industry!   Edutopia: Students Excel When They Find Purpose—So How Do We Help Them? By connecting learning to the real world, students begin to see themselves as a catalyst for change within it. – CLICK FOR FULL STORY Washington Post: Seven ways to build…

Sparking Curiosity & Growth With Great Questions

Effective questions matter. Do you remember playing games like the Hasbro classic, Guess Who or the computerized game 20Q? Players with good strategy know that, to win these games, you need to ask good questions. And that good questions sometimes lead us to a correct answer. Other times, questions lead us to ask more questions…