Supporting Sustainability - Partnerships for Early Learners
Capacity Building

Supporting Sustainability

A special partnership with First Children’s Finance offers Indiana programs sustainability skills

As we increase Indiana’s total number of high-quality seats, we must ensure that those seats will be around for years to come. A partnership with First Children’s Finance will allow Indiana program directors and administrators to gain new business management knowledge. Adding financial, fundraising, marketing and media skills to the toolkit of early education professionals provides greater stability for families and more opportunities for effective programs to flourish.

Recent News

I-LEAD is coming July 2019 — Let’s get ready!

The new statewide Indiana Licensing and Education Access Depot (I-LEAD) arrives in July.   We’re excited to share the new streamlined solution for managing licensing paperwork, background checks and program information updates. Today, we want to give you some background on how I-LEAD will simplify your child care administrative tasks.   Here’s what you need…

Rough-and-Tumble Play

Benefits & Supports in Preschool and Pre-K   Imagine two children wrestling. Each child is trying to stay upright and to destabilize the other by using their hands to grab the other person’s waist or ankles. Is your first instinct to separate them? What if we told you that those kids were playfully engaging in…