Capacity Building Grants for High-Quality Hoosier Programs - Partnerships for Early Learners
Capacity Building

Quality Expansion Grants

Targeted funds support high-quality programs as they add new seats to serve more Hoosier children

Early education programs are seldom awash in the kind of funds that allow them to expand, even if they are very high-quality. To address that opportunity gap, we help programs that have already attained high levels of quality expand with capacity building grants. Through our grants, high-quality programs can add more classrooms and seats to serve more Hoosier families.

Past investments in Indiana programs

In March 2015, we joined with Indiana’s Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning and the United Way of Central Indiana to support On My Way Pre-K program expansion across the state. Through those funds, we supported the creation of 172 seats in high-quality programs. In December 2015, we awarded close to a half million dollars to eleven Indiana programs from Elkhart to Evansville. In December 2016, seven programs received grants, totaling just over $400,000.

Recent News

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