For more children to connect to high-quality care, Indiana must increase the number of early learning opportunities. Expanding our state’s capacity to educate and nurture children requires more seats in effective programs and greater support for program sustainability. Our capacity building strategies are designed to address the financial realities of families and providers while also maintaining a focus on providing the best care and education to all children.

We know that:
  • An estimated 508,938 Hoosiers are aged 5 years and younger.
  • Less than 40,000 of those children are enrolled in high-quality care – programs that are at Level 3 or 4 on Indiana’s Paths to QUALITY® rating system.
  • 45% of Hoosier families with young children live at or near poverty, while the annual cost of high-quality programs averages between $8,000 and $10,000 in Indiana.
We believe that:
  • New seats must be linked to affordability, sound business practices and good business models.
  • Partners can build on Indiana’s existing infrastructure to rapidly and efficiently create new capacity.