Early Learning Indiana Recognized for Scholarship Fund at Purdue University Dean’s Club & Scholarship Reception

Since 2017, students have received scholarships totaling $256,000.


On October 18, 2018, Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences celebrated scholarship recipients and donors with the HHS Dean’s Club & Scholarship Reception. Since 2017,  20 early childhood education students have received scholarships totaling $256,000 from Early Learning Indiana.

Early Learning Indiana was recognized for their donation and scholarship fund.

The scholarships are part of an effort to promote the career advancement of early childhood workers by providing financial relief.

Read this story about one of the scholarship recipients:


“I met with a student in the spring who was concerned that she would need to change her major. Since student teaching is a full time responsibility, students are unable to work more than a few hours a week. This particular student is paying for all of her school and housing by herself with no family support, so working is necessary.

When she found out about this scholarship, she emailed me in disbelief and to tell me how ecstatic she was because this alone solved her problems. She could now focus on her student teaching and in completing her degree, and not worry about how she would financially survive the student teaching semester. She will now have a more successful experience since her stress level has been reduced!”


-Megan Purcell, Clinical Assistant Professor, Purdue University


Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients!