Hot Topic: Safe Sleep Practices Keep Infants Safe

Simple ways you can keep babies safe every day!

It feels like everyone is talking about safe sleep these days. Licensing makes it a priority to check on sleeping environments for infants. Paths to QUALITY™ coaches throughout the state are being trained to support providers with sleep-related questions. The reason for this is simple – we want to keep infants in Indiana healthy and safe!

But our statewide supports aren’t the only ones who can make a big difference. Providers have a unique opportunity to nurture these tiny sleepers!

As a provider who cares for children, what can you do to help?

  • Keep everyone well-trained! Whether you work solo in your home or you work in a center with a lot of staff, have everyone go through the full safe sleep training. It has been recently updated and is far more interactive and engaging!
  • Check your infant sleep area often! Make sure that your sheets fit snugly and are in good condition. Confirm that there is not anything but an infant and a pacifier – if they take one – in the crib.
  • Consistently communicate that the only place an infant ever sleeps is in their approved crib or pack-n-play. If an infant falls asleep anywhere else, move them to the appropriate place as soon as you can – finish that diaper change or bottle first but moving the infant is the next thing you do.
  • Talk to the families you serve! Be certain moms, dads, grandparents and all caregivers understand know your program’s rules and policies. Share how you use safe sleeping practices.
  • Do you have questions? Need help? Contact your local infant toddler specialist! They can come to your program, offer you free resources, train your staff and help you make sure that your sleeping environment is safe as possible. And don’t forget, they can also help you with all kinds of other infant and toddler related questions as well. Best of all, their support is free!

The Safe to Sleep Campaign™ has recently published a great and easy to read brochure that highlights all the important pieces to remember about safe sleep. You can download it here. Print it and share it with your families, too!

Together we can help every infant reach their first birthday happy and healthy!