Your Next Step: Expand Your Career by Building New Skills

To change children’s lives, you have to start with yours! The early childhood education field is full of hardworking, passionate individuals — like you — who are driven by a passion for Hoosier children, but who are often undervalued. We’re ready to change that, and we hope you are too!

Advancing Early Childhood Together

Early childhood education is far more than a job. It’s a meaningful career path!

Indiana needs a skilled workforce to develop the next generation. When you continue your education, you don’t just shape children’s school readiness and social and emotional development. You also pursue a rewarding career with a range of advancement opportunities. We believe there is an attainable, affordable next step in every early childhood professional’s educational pathway – from classroom assistants to program directors.

Take the next step: How does education further your career?

Career advancement and higher compensation:

  • Many options exist for early childhood professionals with advanced education, including: lead teacher, master teacher, directors, coaches and more. Many of these positions have increasing responsibility and higher compensation.

Better outcomes for children:

  • Continuing your education enables you to expand your teaching skills and, in turn, help children in your care develop stronger social-emotional skills that impact their professional and academic success in life.

Pick the right path: What options are available for continuing your education?

Pursue a degree:

  • Colleges and Universities across the state offer both online and in-person coursework in early childhood education. Contact information for some of those institutions can be found on the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood INDIANA website.

Explore certificates and credentials:

Funding your education: What resources are available?

The hardest part of any journey is taking the first step, but you AND the children you work with are worth it! Many options and supports are available for you to continue your journey. Contact Beth Riedeman today to learn more about taking the next step in your career.

Beth Riedeman directs workforce development-related partnerships and projects, focusing on learning communities and cohorts, strengthening the pipeline of early childhood educators and promoting workforce initiatives. She’s also the mother of a young learner, a very active community member and a steadfastly supportive colleague, a skill she honed in her previous work as a program administrator.