Asia Carter: Never Too Much Learning in the World

Through the #IAmEarlyEd campaign, we are highlighting the diverse skills and career pathways of Indiana’s early childhood community. We encourage all Hoosier teachers of early learners to share their own stories on social media or let us know if you think you or someone you work with should be highlighted in this series

Asia Carter
Lead Teacher, Preschool

I have been in childhood education since I was a teenager. I had a little sister when I was 13, and I instantly started coming up with different activities for her to do and fell in love with it. My sophomore year of high school, I took a class in early childhood education, and my teacher encouraged me to make it my career.

Our job is definitely not an easy one – we do a lot more than just watch the children. We are teaching them to learn, we’re connecting synapses in their brains, and just helping them develop and grow.

A commitment to learning

While working full-time, I earned my associate’s degree in early childhood education, and have now been accepted to complete my bachelor’s. If you’re doing something you love and you want to continue to grow, consider going back to school. it’s not just about being better in the classroom; it’s about getting into positions outside of the classroom like administration. Going to school will give you those keys to move forward in this particular profession, ad you’ll be able to become a director or master teacher one day if you choose.

The impact of early childhood education

Early childhood education is so important because the world needs more leaders. They start here – this is where they begin, and this is where they get their foundation from and learn their morals and learn to be a good citizen, friend and parent. We literally teach our future doctors and future presidents, so it’s important that I continue to push them and allow them to be whatever they want to be, and encourage them to keep going and be good leaders one day.

The more we know, the better we can teach, and there’s never too much learning in the world.

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