Recommended: The Building Blocks of Our Future

How can we balance the increasing demands of school readiness with developmentally appropriate practice? Hear from local and national experts and visit preschools in Marion and Indianapolis to discover what high quality early education means.

We talk a lot about high-quality early childhood care and education programs, and we all have our own ideas about what it means and looks like. Earlier this week, I attended an early viewing of The Building Blocks of Our Future: A Look at Quality Early Education. This brief film examines three very different programs that are each high quality. The film shares research that supports the critical need for not just good early care and education programs, but for the need for high-quality programs. Viewers will explore the impact of family engagement – a practice that should resonate with all of us — as well as how a variety of programs types and approaches provide high-quality experiences for young children.

I would encourage you to watch this film, either Thursday, November 17 at 8 pm on WFYI or at a later date once it is on YouTube (we’ll be sure to share it then, too). It offers a unique take on the importance of quality experiences, which encourages providers and families to focus on the need beyond our own individual programs. This kind of thoughtful content elevates our work with young learners and represents all that we stand for as early childhood professionals. Appearances by some familiar faces, including Ted Maple and Connie Sherman, will make this message all the more real to us in Central Indiana.

It’s worth your time, and what else would you watch at 8:00 on Thursday? The Colts aren’t playing and Downton Abbey is over!