Indiana Philanthropists Take Deep Dive Into Early Learning

The early childhood landscape in Indiana and across other states is undergoing significant change.  More public resources are being injected into the system, adding complexity for programs and teachers.  Parents and communities are looking for and demanding higher quality. Research and assessment are driving innovation and increasing learning outcomes for children.  These rapid shifts present challenges and major opportunities for private funders. In response to the changes in early learning, the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance and Early Learning Indiana’s Partnerships for Early Learners co-hosted a Deep Dive on Early Learning in Indiana on October 8.

2015 Indiana Early Learning Needs Assessment

The Indiana Early Learning Needs Assessment shares key facts about the state of early learning landscape.

At the event, philanthropists from across the state explored the current state of early childhood learning in Indiana and nationally, as well as the strategic investments that can drive improvement in opportunities for children and families.  A range of speakers shared insights into the sector, highlighting both the critical needs and exciting efforts that are creating a perfect storm of opportunity for Hoosier communities.

Attendees also received summary reports of the strategy papers developed by the American Institutes for Research on quality improvement and capacity building.  These papers were created for Partnerships for Early Learners’ work, and several suggested activities will be incorporated into the campaign.  Additionally, participants received a summary overview of the 2015 Indiana Early Learning Needs Assessment of the 2015 Early Learning Needs Assessment, created by Indiana Youth Institute and commissioned by Early Learning Indiana and Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration.

The event sparked significant conversations about early learning, which the Partnerships team will share through upcoming posts.